iCrowdNewswire’s AdReleaseTM

iCrowdNewswire’s AdReleaseTM is a new press release distribution model powered by Google offering an industry unique pay for audience model combined with traditional press release media reach. AdRelease provides for unmatched geographic and demographic targeting allowing for worldwide pin point targeting down to a zip or postal code. Additionally, by combining Google’s leading advertising and communications technologies, with artificial intelligence and machine learning applications we will offer the options never before available in the industry. Users will be able to choose the “shelf life” of a message, and instant translations to the most widely used languages to enable the distribution of more unique content versions of your release.

  • Geographic reach – choose a country, state, city or zip / postal code worldwide. Or choose multiple destinations.
  • Demographic reach – choose your audience age group, income, education and interests.
  • Message life expectancy – provide a start and end date or let our system fill impressions and click targets.
  • Translations - use Google’s artificial intelligence driven translation API to produce multiple unique content versions of your release using our upload user interface. Only your primary language will receive the Google advertising distribution.
  • Traditional media distribution – media web site postings, iCrowdNewswire’s network, primary distribution partners, RSS feeds and more.
  • Pay as you go – no contracts, minimums or commitments. No word overage. One single flat fee, PayPal and credit cards accepted.
  • Reporting – receive individual reports for media and Google distribution.
  • Cost options:
    1. Basic $200
    2. Enhanced $400
    3. Premium $600

Coming soon:

  • Boost - The unique ability to take advantage of the success of your message. We will notify you when your impression and click through targets have been met and allow you to add additional distribution with a simple click.
  • Text to Audio – Audio will become a must for corporate communicators as virtual assistants and other audio devices become a critical component in the news cycle. Your press releases will be archived in audio files for the next generation of news and information devices.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning – The goal is an intelligent system that reads your release, understands your message and provides the best possible distribution to reach the most valuable audience.
  • Big data targeting – Companies distribute press releases to reach media so they will publish and reach targeted audiences. Using big data analytics and AI we will publish your press release to an audience that is interested in your company, products or industry.
  • Costs: each level is provided an exposure investment based on audience costs.
  • Services are provided through the use of the iCrowdnewswire SaaS platform, no editorial services are offered.
  • Use of the iCrowdNewswire SaaS platform constitutes acceptance and compliance with the terms of use.